Everyday Science Electricity and Circuits

Join Brian Jones and Junior Broadcasters, Claire and Madeline for another fun episode of EveryDay Science. In this edition, we explore the big idea of how charges flow from place to place and the useful work that arises from this process--ELECTRICITY. In the second part of this episode, Brian visits Fort Collins Trolley motorman, Roger Smith to explore how our community's beloved Birney Car 21 works on these same principles. 

Lesher Vocal Choirs: Holiday Music 2015

Lesher Mens and Womens Choirs sing Holiday favorites in the PSD TV's Studio 10. Directed by Whitney Stuberg

Kindness Day at Poudre High School

Student ambassadors promote Kindness Day at Poudre High School

Bullying Prevention in PSD: Family and School Working Together

Bullying Prevention in PSD. Presented by PSD's Department of Language, Culture, and Equity from Parent Academy 2015. Presenters: Barb Long and Eileen Getches

EveryDay Science: Forces and Motions

Brian Jones visits Dunn Elementary School to share concepts in forces and motions with 2nd graders, Betsy and Connor. Hang on, the fun is moving along (unless stopped by another force!)

EveryDay Science: Sounds of Science

Brian Jones from Colorado State University teams up with Vincent Burkardt, host and producer of Radio Rhythms to present "Sounds of Science".  This episode features Jr. Broadcasters from Tavelli Elementary along with the musical talents of Poudre High School's Birdland Combo.  Enjoy!


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